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Frontier offers you a choice. We can offer you our services as Project Manager or you can project manage the repair process yourself and find your own sub-contractors. Can you see yourself with a huddle of contractors all around your kitchen table? With smaller jobs it may be more cost effective to manage these repairs yourself if you know the right drywallers, finished carpenters and painters. We have some clients who have their own handymen and only want us to handle the Mitigation. We have no problem helping in the change over to your own people. For larger jobs you may prefer to have a Project Manager working for you who knows tried and proven sub-contractors whether its us or another company. If there are Code upgrade required or changes you want made through upgrades then you will find it advantageous to use a professional especially if you are going through insurance.

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Construction Services

A Restoration Company You Can Trust

The biggest advantage in using a bricks and mortar company is being able to trust the work will be completed. Frontier is registered with the BBB and we are also registered as a contractor with major insurance carriers and with the State of Texas as a certified Mold Removal Company. 

We all know of stories where subcontractors disappear into the night with your money. That can’t happen with a company that owns its own 20,000 sf facility like Frontier Services Group, as well as having a track record of over a decade in Houston.

Insurance and Xactimate

Insurance and Xactimate

Many Repair or Construction contracts are based on insurance adjuster’s estimates. At this time Frontier even employs their own licensed adjuster and all our estimators use Xactimate for standard estimate pricing. Xactimate is an international industry standard highly complex software that is used in several countries to sketch and price out repairs.

Every repair item is individually priced from their almost 20,000 line item database. If we remove 18 linear feet of baseboard then we can find the cost of replacing that 18LF in your zip code and at the current date. Yes, pricing is adjusted by the software for every location in every country they cover and for every month of every year. So its as fair a reflection of market pricing as is possible.

With insurance claims the adjuster approves our repair estimates before we start. We use the same Xactimate software on our estimates whether for insurance or not. This keeps our estimates fair for everyone. However, it does mean we can’t just give an immediate exact estimate on the spot. Contractors who do give ballpark estimate obviously include a wide margin or just undercut an estimate.

Insurance Estimates & Cost Cutting

Insurance Estimates & Cost Cutting

If you get an adjuster’s estimate there’s really no point in putting it out to bid. Yes, you’ll always get someone to undercut a fair estimate. Frontier won’t.

But, insurance carriers pay in 2 checks. One check up front called the ‘Actual Cash Value’ and the second after work Is completed for the ‘Depreciation’. Insurance carriers may ask to see proof of payment and actual receipts to confirm you paid the total amount awarded, or more, including your deductible. If they don’t add up to at least the insurance total then they can withhold the difference from your second check. Then you are left with a cut rate job and no money left over.

Some roofing contractors have actually gone to jail for providing fraudulent receipts to homeowners that show more than they were really paid. Homeowners could also be at risk for submitting such fraudulent receipts when they ask you to sign release forms at the end of the process. Insurance is Federally regulated and falsifying payments is a serious crime. Bottom line is that Frontier works from fair Xactimate estimates.

Frontier Focus

Reconstruction and Deposit Safety
  • In Frontier we estimate using Xactimate so you have a complete itemized list of every repair item we will do
  • We ask for secured phased deposits to cover what we do for materials and labor.
  • We have an experienced Project Construction Managers whose function is to manage your repair job and be your point of contact. If you aren’t happy then a quick call to the PCM and they will take care of the issue.
  • Frontier Construction Dept dovetails with our Mitigation Department. Fixtures and samples that are removed are kept in your home. Photos of rooms especially kitchens and bathrooms are on our Server and available to Construction to see what you had before it was removed.
  • Upgrades or design changes can be accommodated and costed before starting. Want to put in granite counters but only got paid for board countertops? We can quote you for the difference. Want the new vinyl plank flooring instead of carpet? Ask and we'll quote the difference.
  • We guarantee our work as being to industry standard and approved by our Construction Managers.

Frontier Services Group is always on standby, Call at 346-553-9929 or simply click here to make an appointment today!.

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