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Are you taking precautions to combat the spread of disease at your home, office or facility? Or did you have a spill or flooding that requires your home or business to be disinfected? The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had people scrambling to protect themselves, their homes and businesses from contamination but we have been disinfecting properties for years from many harmful viruses and bacteria. While we are still combating the coronavirus, our solutions are also designed to damage other harmful pathogens as well. Protect yourself and those around you, with assistance from the licensed team at Frontier Services Group.

Our decontamination service option is designed to protect the health of your employees, students, visitors & facilities as well. We are experts at biohazard remediation, and you can rely on us for exceptional service, cutting-edge equipment, and 24/7 customer support.

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Our Decontamination Process by Frontier Services Group

Disinfectant Treatment

Frontier Services Group is proud to assist commercial and residential clients in attempting to eliminate the spread of active and harmful viruses on their property. Our company is partnered with TOMI Environmental Solutions to bring you the innovative infection control unit known as SteraMist®. This advanced disinfection technology was invented under association with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This powerful solution provides a steady ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™) mist to the specified area, effectively killing harmful viruses and drug-resistant organisms, including the following:

  • Influenza A Virus (H1N1)
  • Mold
  • Salmonella
  • Norovirus
  • Staph
  • MRSA
  • And other Strands

Our team has certified hands-on training and experience in the application of the SteraMist® technology. With access to continual support and protocol consultations, we remain fully committed to you and the safety of your business.

Three Step Professional Cleaning Process

Manual Cleaning

Manual Cleaning

We will manually clean all flat surfaces, public spaces, and common areas with approved EPA products.

Electrostatic Spray

Electrostatic Spray

We will spray down every square foot with a mist that is an EPA approved environmental disinfectant.

Air Scrubber

Air Scrubber

We will set up air scrubbers to help purify the air and improve the air quality at your home or business.

How We Disinfect Affected Surfaces

Coronavirus quickly gained an infamous reputation but many viruses and bacteria can impact your home or office and lead to illness and lost work time. The truth is that we have been disinfecting homes and businesses from viruses like these as well as bacteria.

Frontier Services Group complies with all OSHA regulations, is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) and strictly follows the most state-of-the-art procedures when it comes to disease cleanup and disinfection.

Frontier Services Group uses EPA registered products to clean flat surfaces accessible by hand. Frontier will then use a micro-mist and electrostatic spray technology that fogs the entire area getting in between surfaces that are impossible to clean by hand. Frontier will follow strict government protocols and regulations for proper decontamination of regardless of the cause or origin. This process will eliminate most micro-organisms that were airborne or living on a surface from infected people or potentially infected people who have released respiratory droplets into the air. The micro-mist will also cover contents such as desks, keyboards, countertops, light switches, doorknobs and other surfaces in the area. The micro-mist will dry on all the surfaces in these designated areas.

Frontier will likely have to set up containment walls for the areas being disinfected. Once the room is cleaned and disinfected, the containment will be taken down. An SDS sheet will be provided to the home/business owner prior to the commencement of work.

Industries We Serve for Decontanimation

From small businesses and hospitals to schools and senior homes, our team is here to provide your property with safe and effective commercial disinfection. With the use of the SteraMist®, we can effectively oversee the elimination of harmful pathogens. Our non-caustic solutions can disinfect high-traffic areas such as lobbies, kitchens, tables/desks, meeting rooms, and any electronic equipment.



This deep cleaning helps reduce the risks of any outbreaks within your office, which in turn limits employee absences, loss of workflow or the need for complete building closures. With a regularly scheduled solution, you can protect your business and those inside for the long-term.

Healthcare/Senior Homes

Healthcare/Senior Homes

Our disinfection service also extends to those with access to a higher percentage of virus activity, such as healthcare facilities and senior homes. These areas tend to have a high density of people, which can easily allow viruses and bacteria to spread from person to person. If your facility is a hospital or senior home with set schedules, our team can easily incorporate the SteraMist® into your current cleaning protocol. We even offer routine or one-time commercial disinfection services to ensure that your visitors, schedules or employee workflows aren’t inhibited.



Our cleanings are also available to restaurants across the greater Houston area. This is very important in areas with food preparation, high amounts of traffic or the potential of cross-contamination. SteraMist® can ensure a healthy and safe kitchen space for restaurant employees, while keeping the food fresh for your customers.



When it comes to schools and universities, our team has been leading the charge to protect faculty and students. Pathogens in schools can easily be transferable across students on buses, in classrooms or in cafeterias. In order to limit increased school absences or even full closures, it's essential to employ a strong and lasting disinfection process.

We are Commerical Disinfection Specialists

Please consider the importance of commercial disinfection from Frontier Services Group! Feel free to contact us today at 346-553-9929 or click here to discuss your options and to learn more about our process!

Biohazard & Disinfection Response

Frontier Services Group is a company you can trust to offer preventative, presumptive, and confirmed cleaning to both public and private entities. Frontier Services Group is a leader in emergency response, and our team is dedicated to providing a cost-effective cleaning service. Our licensed environmental professionals are experts at mitigating exposure to harmful contaminants and have been performing decontamination work for various industries for many years.

You can trust our fully certified team to implement proper preventative cleaning protocols, as well as disinfectant procedures, to help mitigate the risk of exposure to keep your family or your employees safe. For further questions about our services or to book a disinfection of your home or business, give us a call at 346-553-9929 or click here to have one of our team members contact you.

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