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Is there dirt and dust on your air vents and returns? Do mold spores frighten you when you see them growing on your registers or filters? They should. Mold spores could be in your air conditioning system if you see them on your registers and dust, dander and other allergens can be circulating through the vents. Dust and mold spores are like pollen spores - they float in the air. Air circulation from powerful air conditioning systems sucks those spores into the air returns, over the AC coils and out through the ceiling registers.

When you see that dark growth on the ceiling registers, it's time to get the system professionally cleaned and sanitized. If you simply wipe it off, the underlying cause will make it return. Most problems with mold result in the need for an air duct cleaning and sanitizing. Contact our team to learn more about our mold removal and testing services!

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Causes of Moldy Ducts

Mold grows with a water source and food such as cellulose or paper. Most soft wood trim and drywall is an ideal food source. It only needs water. Mold spores can also grow on metal AC registers and in plastic- or foil-based ductwork. The spores are 'sticky' and adhere to these surfaces if there is a regular temperature change.

Duct Cleaning Using Negative Air

Duct Cleaning Using Negative Air

A negative air HEPA vac' machine pulls air into the machine in large quantities and over a HEPA filter which removes the spores. It’s like a large fan in reverse. The cleaned air is expelled out of the home using plastic tubes. The contaminated HEPA filters are removed from the home in sealed containers. These compact machines remove mold spores from the air and prevent the circulation of the spores to other areas. With open plan homes nowadays, it's difficult to limit the spread of spores before professional containment is set up. These machines are an essential weapon when air is already contaminated with spores.

How Do You Know Air is Already Contaminated

Moldy Ducts

If you can see mold on surfaces and it's been over two days then the mold body, the mycelium, has already started to spread its spores. If you get headaches, dry mouth, or your allergies flare up abnormally inside your home then it's likely that mold spores are to blame. If you can see the mold then we can treat it and kill it. If you can't see it then you need to have an air test done by a licensed mold hygenist*. HVAC is subject to hot and cold temperatures when you override the constant temperature setting to save money by turning the system off during the day if you are away and on at night in Texas to cool off. In Houston we have high humidity and humidity means the percentage of water vapor in the air.

Temperature change creates condensation. Put a glass of iced water on the table and see the water vapor condense out and drip. Humidity is enough of a water source for spores to grow. Spores are naturally occurring both outside and inside the home as well as being brought in from contaminated water like toilet overflows, sewer backups, or floods.

If you keep the HVAC temperature too cold then that too can start condensation and as the cold air meets the warm air around windows and outside doors. Mold can also grow from seasonal changes as well. It's best to consider having your HVAC system ductwork clean and sanitized every few years as a preventative measure and keeping the system at a constant temperature. There is little point in having an HVAC cleaning and sanitization while active mold remains in the property. Mold must be treated and killed first on all affected surfaces before the HVAC system is cleaned.

Our HVAC duct cleaning machines are manned by two experienced experts who follow a set process. Before we start work we will require access to the property for about 4 hours without pets and children in the home.

What You Can Expect

  • Containments are built as needed around registers and air returns and over personal property.
  • Filters are removed, bagged and discarded. You must have replacement filters of the right size on site ready for our tech's to install after the cleaning.
  • Each register is removed, numbered and cleaned.
  • The technician uses the HVAC RotoBrush machine to clean each register housing and the ductwork using a soft spinning brush at the end of a vacuum hose that sucks dust and spores out of the ducts.
  • Then the technician opens the AC unit to expose the coils and housing for cleaning. We cannot go beyond the coils for fear of damage to old wiring.
  • When cleaning is completed the system is turned on and we spray in an anti-microbial that kills remaining spores. It's best to vacate the property for this treatment. You may find some dust and hairs are expelled from the AC fan that we couldn't access. This is a good sign showing the treatment is killing and expelling remaining sticky spores.

How Much Can an HVAC Duct Cleaning Cost?

The cost is based on the registers and furnaces that you have so if possible, it's best to know how many you have when you call for an estimate. You can expect to pay for the technicians expertise, specialist equipment and distance. If our technicians see other issues like broken ducts or plenums they will let you know. Getting an expert treatment not just a superficial dust cleaning can help cut down on doctor visits, allergy medicines and help your overall health.

Contact Us For Routine or Emergency HVAC Cleaning

At Frontier Services Group, we can provide you an estimate over the phone if you call us. Please know the number of registers you have in traditional 8 ft ceilings and any in high ceilings like a vaulted foyer that requires scaffolding, how many air returns and furnaces you have, and your location, so we can estimate travel time.

HVAC and air duct cleaning is available Monday to Friday during normal working hours. Call us at 346-553-9929 to get an estimate. We're proud to serve residential and commercial clients throughout Houston, Pearland, and The Woodlands.

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