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Restaurant Restoration in Houston, Katy, and Galveston

Disasters can strike a restaurant in many forms – a burst pipe flooding the bathroom and dining area; a fire charring the kitchen; or even a major storm ripping off the roof. With a well-coordinated restoration effort, you can restore your restaurant quickly and rebuild your business in Houston, Katy, Conroe, or Galveston by reaching our professional restoration experts at Frontier Services Group.

When you need a professional restoration company that can restore your restaurant quickly and effectively from water damage, a fire, mold, storm, or other disaster, choose Frontier. Call 346-553-9929 or click here to schedule services today in The Woodlands, South Houston, Texas City, Missouri City, or Channelview.

Professional Damaged Restaurant Restoration

The First Steps for a Restaurant Owner After a Disaster in Spring

For any business owner, safety comes first. Before entering a damaged restaurant, wait for authorities to declare it safe. Once cleared, conduct a thorough assessment. Take extensive photos and videos of all damage. This documentation becomes crucial for insurance claims and helps our technicians create a detailed plan. In addition to providing restoration services, our crews are certified to work directly with insurance companies throughout the restoration process as well as provide assistance with insurance claims. We serve restaurant owners in Houston, Galveston, and other cities along the Texas Gulf Coast. 

Cleaning Up the Mess at a Restaurant After a Fire or Water Loss

A storm-damaged or fire-damaged restaurant includes lots of specialized equipment, sensitive surfaces, and potential biohazards like spoiled food. Tackling the mess is a task best left to an experienced restoration company like Frontier Services Group. Our crews remove debris, water, and smoke damage while disposing of any biohazards efficiently and in agreement with safety regulations.

Our Restoration Process for Your Restaurant in Conroe, Texas

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When we restore your restaurant, our process includes:

  • Structural Repairs: Shoring up damaged walls, repairing roofs, and ensuring the building's structural integrity.
  • Content Restoration: Cleaning and restoring furniture, equipment, and other restaurant contents.
  • HVAC System Restoration: We boost indoor air quality by cleaning and deodorizing ventilation ducts and filters.
  • Deodorization: Our crews eliminate smoke or other lingering odors using specialized techniques.
  • Insurance Assistance: We work directly with your insurance company, helping you navigate the claims process.
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Let Us Restore Your Peace of Mind And Your Restaurant in Houston

A natural disaster or major accident is stressful enough for a restaurant owner. Our crews at Frontier Services Group will help you restore your property as well as your peace of mind by handling everything from clean-up and repairs to navigating the local building codes and assisting with insurance claims. Our goal is to restore your restaurant with minimal downtime to your business.

Trust Us to Restore Your Restaurant in the Greater Houston Area

The road to recovery after a disaster is long, but it doesn't have to be walked alone. By partnering with Frontier Services Group, you get the expertise, resources, and peace of mind required to get your restaurant back on its feet as soon as possible in The Woodlands, Missouri City, Clear Lake City, Cypress, Fairbanks, and Kingwood. When disaster strikes, our restoration crews are certified and skilled in restaurant restoration. Give us a call today at 346-553-9929 or click here to get started today.