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Commercial Storm Damage Restoration in Greater Houston

Unfortunately, the Greater Houston area - as well as Southeast Texas - can experience its share of extreme weather, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe storms. These storms are as devastating to commercial properties as they are to residential ones. Furthermore, while residential property owners aren’t expected to host guests after a major disaster, commercial property owners need to reopen as quickly as possible. Thus, they worry about the impressions potential customers or clients are forming about their property and business, even as they try to clean up.

Luckily, there is a solution for business owners: fast, professional, and thorough commercial storm damage restoration services. If your business is located in Greater Houston, TX, Frontier Services Group is the team of professionals to call when you need someone to clean up your commercial property after a storm.

Since different types of storms occur here, and each has a unique effect on your commercial property, we can tailor and customize our services depending on what occurred and the particulars of your property. Learn more about our varied services below.

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Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

Severe Thunderstorm Damage Restoration

When a severe thunderstorm strikes, flooding is typically the main concern, especially if your commercial property was already compromised. Frontier Services Group uses only the best techniques and equipment for water extraction so we can take care of any flooding problems. Standing water can cause mold growth and wood rot; prevent this by calling our team for the job.

If your property was unlucky enough to be damaged by fire due to a lightning strike, we can restore it. We offer a full suite of commercial fire damage restoration services that will leave your property looking as good as new.

Hurricane Damage Restoration

Hurricane Damage Restoration

Hurricanes add devastating winds to heavy rainfall, potentially causing even more damage to your property. In addition to the flooding from all the extra water, the heavy winds can structurally damage your property and take out power lines.

Rest assured that we can remediate all the damage, helping you restore your business to what it was before. Our team offers extensive services to help you board up, restore, and replace areas that suffered wind damage. Our commercial flood restoration services will help your facility clean up after a devastating flood. And with our commercial fire damage restoration services, we can assist if your property was affected by a fire caused by downed power lines.

Tornado Damage Restoration

When twisters roll through, they wreak havoc on the areas they strike. They can quickly rip a building to pieces and uproot trees. Even if a building is left standing after a tornado has hit the area, the damage caused by wind and accompanying storms can be devastating.

If your commercial property has been damaged due to a tornado, contact Frontier Services Group for reliable restoration and helpful customer service. We’ll clean up all the debris and rebuild your property to your satisfaction.

Ice & Hail Damage Restoration

Icy conditions can cause pipes to freeze and burst, in turn causing flooding. And even small hail can damage the roof of your commercial property. If your property has been caught in a hailstorm or an ice storm, it’s best to call a professional company out for damage assessment and control as quickly as possible.

Luckily, no matter what damage ice or hail has caused to your commercial property, count on Frontier Services Group. Our team handles commercial flood and structural damage restoration, so we can fully complete the project. Our team will quickly get to your property, assess the damage, and get right to work repairing and restoring your property to what it was before.

What to Do Following a Storm

With storm damage restoration as with anything else, it’s always best to have a plan going in. Here is what you should do immediately following a storm to help mitigate the damage.

Put Safety First Icon

Put Safety First

Before you can pick up the pieces after a storm, you have to figure out what sorts of pieces you’re dealing with. This means a thorough property inspection - but you can’t compromise on safety. Before starting your inspection, ensure it’s safe to go out. Complete your inspection during the daylight hours if possible, but if going out at night is unavoidable, carry a light without an open flame. Watch for hazards, and stay clear of downed power lines. If you suspect a gas leak, immediately shut the main valve off, ventilate the area, and get outside. Do not return to your property until the proper authorities have deemed it safe.

Assess the Damage Icon

Assess the Damage

Now that you’ve ensured everyone in the area is safe, start a thorough inspection of your property. Your roof is most prone to damage from a storm, so examine it as much as you can from the ground. Check for holes, split seams, missing or broken shingles, granules, leaks, and dents. Examine your gutters and downspouts to ensure they’re clear of debris and functioning. Check windows, siding, masonry, and exterior surfaces. Finally, check outdoor appliances such as your air conditioner. If you find any damage, take photographs of it.

Document the Damage Icon

Document the Damage

The photographs of the damage you took during your inspection are the first part of your damage documentation portfolio. In addition to that, you should keep records of any money you have to spend immediately to keep things under control. If your insurance company covers costs related to business interruptions, you should also have an idea of how much money you’re losing every day you can’t operate as you normally would and documentation to back up your estimate.

Contact Your Insurance Agency Icon

Contact Your Insurance Agency

With documentation in hand, it’s time to get in touch with your insurance agency. Your provider will issue a claim number and answer any questions you might have regarding your claim.

avoid Worsening Icon

Don’t Make Things Worse

If (and only if) you have the proper expertise, make any repairs you can make on your own. When it comes to storm damage mitigation, time is of the essence. The sooner you can make any repairs, the better. If you do not have the right knowledge, wait and let a professional such as Frontier Services Group handle repairs. It will often be cheaper and safer in the long run.

Choose Contractor Icon

Choose a Reputable Storm Damage Restoration Contractor

In the Houston, Lafayette, and Lake Charles area, that contractor is Frontier Services Group.

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Frontier Services Group is the team to call when you need commercial storm damage restoration services in Greater Houston. While experiencing severe weather is emotionally trying, the cleanup and restoration process doesn’t have to be. Choose us, and we will accurately and completely assess your property while always being honest with you. The last thing you need is a disreputable contractor taking advantage of you after you and your business survived the storm. Get in touch with us today and put your commercial property in the best of hands.

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