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Large Loss Restoration

When disaster strikes your business, it can leave you feeling helpless. All that hard work you put into building your business and creating a welcoming workspace is gone. In addition to the often-immense property loss, business owners typically wonder what will become of their companies and if they can overcome such tremendous losses.

Luckily, business owners in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas already have a leg up on the restoration process. They know they have Frontier Services Group always standing by ready to help. We staff only the very best, so you receive excellent commercial large-loss services that help you and your business return to a sense of normalcy.

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Large Loss Restoration

What Are Commercial Large Losses?

Large loss is typically defined by the monetary amount of damage ($100,000 or greater) and the property size, square footage, and the number of floors affected by the disaster. Commercial large loss has the potential to grind your operations to a halt, even threatening to destroy your business entirely. While large losses aren’t entirely preventable, precautions can be taken to ensure your commercial property is in good shape to handle a disaster. This kind of forethought separates Frontier Services Group from average large loss restoration companies.

Communication is integral to surviving large commercial property loss and Frontier Services Group has the tools to accomplish transparent communication with you.

How Does Frontier Services Group Help?

We set ourselves apart from the pack from the very beginning. Since more time means more property damage, we arrive promptly following your call to start the cleanup process. We understand that no business can afford downtime, so we work as efficiently as possible without cutting corners. Our crew uses only the most effective and up-to-date methods for large loss restoration work, so you can always expect the best results. Following a fire, flood or water disaster, your company contents can experience damages due to water or fire soot. When it comes to restoring your contents, time is of the essence. The sooner each item is packed out, stored in a safe location, and cleaned, the better chance it has of being restored to its original state. Frontier Services Group responds to your call for Emergency Water removal quickly to thoroughly assess the extent of all the damage, clean up debris, and provide the repairs needed to get your business to its previous condition.

In the case of large loss water damage, we’ll employ large scale drying response techniques with drying equipment. Meanwhile, we’re working with your insurance adjuster to expedite your claim. Your project manager will be onsite frequently with support staff to manage the large loss details. While the mitigation is proceeding, plans for reconstruction are being made and those materials and trades such as electrical, drywall, and plumbing are arranged for you.

Commercial Loss such as Fire, Water and Flood damage are persistent threats and common reasons for commercial loss. Facilities in low lying areas along the Gulf Coast, near bodies of water, or have a history of flooding should all be extremely aware of potential water damage. While water damage caused to secure property from a fire can create tremendous damage, mold rot and irreparable harm to property structure, the potential need for property restoration turns into a reality. Frontier Services Group commercial restoration team can remove the water, moisture, rot debris and mitigate your loss.

Fire remediation is a very important benefit of partnering with a large loss mitigation restoration company. One of the most common causes of large commercial loss is fire and smoke.

We are a Full Services Restoration Mitigation Company for Emergency Water Removal, Content Pack-Out, Property Restoration, and Disinfection Sanitation.

Large Loss Restoration

Able to Assist With Your Property

Our team can handle large losses in virtually any commercial space. Here are just some of the facilities we’ve helped to clean up:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Universities and Schools
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Retail Stores/shopping malls
  • Manufacturing Facilities/Warehouses
  • Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals, and Medical Centers
  • Office Buildings

If you’ve recently suffered a large loss at your facility - whether it’s a church, retail store, hotel, or any other type of building - rest assured that we can help you clean things up.

A Complete Slate of Commercial Large Loss Services

Regardless of what damage has been done to your business, our team has the expertise and skills to help you with the cleanup. We can handle all the following:

Remember, rarely does disaster only affect one part of your commercial property. While there may be water damage visible on the walls and ceilings, you might not be able to see that your electronics have been destroyed. Mold could be growing in dark, hidden corners. That’s why it’s best to contact a company that can do it all when disaster strikes your property. You never know what services you’ll need.

Trust Frontier Services Group for Large Loss Restoration

No matter how much damage your commercial property has suffered or how hopeless the situation seems, Frontier Services Group is here to help. We will work with your commercial property insurance company, so you don’t have to. This way, you can fully dedicate your resources to getting back to a regular business day. Frontier Services Group is second to none for large loss restoration companies.

Since our establishment in 2010, we treat all customers with the respect and dignity they deserve, especially during such difficult times. Our primary goal is to put the needs of our customers first. We always use 100% organic cleaning products to help keep a safe environment on your property. And with our combined 30 years of experience, you, your employees, and your commercial property are all in the very best of hands!

If your commercial property has sustained a large loss and you don’t know where to turn next, call 346-553-9929 on the professionals at Frontier Services Group for commercial large loss services you can always count on. Contact us 24/7 for large loss restoration.

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