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  • Reviewed By: Yolanda A.
  • Location: Katy, TX
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  • Comment: Frontier Services Group, never did I imagine the magnitude of cleaning and restoration that would be required after dousing a fire in my home. A day later after the fire, I blindedly cold-called the first fire restoration company I came across and two hours later, Omar Katich was knocking on my door.

    Naively, I asked him for a quote being that i was not really educated on what to expect or do next after a fire. Thankfully, Frontier Services Group was a one-stop-shop-for-all establishment. They’ve taken care of it all; move-out, cleaning, decontamination, storage, and restoration while remaining cautious of my insurance limits.

    Although Omar explained the process (over and over), of course it went in and out the other ear. Omar represented his employer well as he remained patient & kind with me from the first day he stepped into my home and although my next phase is restoration, he reminded me that I could call him anytime for any questions or concerns. More than likely I will have tons of questions and will probably adopt to texting him more frequently than calling him after 10p.

    I am very happy FSG was the first company I called and that Omar was assigned to my claim. Great customer service for my first catastrophic event in my home (and the last) and that Omar has walked me through the entire process.

    The packing crew, Tabitha and Noemi were extremely helpful too. Ladies knew exactly how to pack, advised me of the things I should take and the things to leave for cleaning. I recently inherited precious memorial items and Tabi coordinated these items to be returned to me quickly. Tabi’s crew was very respectable even when my mom was telling them how to do their job. The ladies were very sweet and they often sat for my killer dog that also wanted to tell them how to do their job. Thank you Tabi, Neomi and all the sweet ladies that were there with us 😘. Neomi, thank you for labeling our 100+ boxes.

    Esme and Claudia were great too. Always kept me in the loop and both had phenomenal cleaning skills. I am so glad to have met them both. They cleaned areas of the house I never thought soot could get into. Wow! Smoke damage is no joke! “Don Carlos” explained in detail the AC cleaning process too and helped me salvage as many AC vents as he could.

    FSG has been nothing but the best with me, respecting my wishes and checking-in with me too. I hope to have made new friends. They were all so nice and attentive to my needs; because FSG was there when I needed them the most, it is how this catastrophic event has been bearable. If you want an honest, professional and humble person with integrity, ask for Omar Katich.

    (Thank you Omar for being patient with me and understanding the neurobiology response of traumic events. God Bless You!)
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