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Why Immediate Water Damage Restoration Is Important

A flood can seem like it’s the end of your world, and if the damage isn’t quickly addressed, it can become just that. When you encounter water damage at your home or business, you need to call in an expert water damage restoration company as soon as possible. The longer you delay repair work, the more likely mold and mildew will form, which can cause health problems for you and your family. This guide on immediate water damage restoration will help you understand how this type of restoration works so you can hire the right people for the job when necessary.

Immediate Water Damage Restoration

What are the effects of improper water cleanup?

When water damage is left unattended, there are additional damages that may occur over time. One of these problems is mold growth. Mold loves moisture and will grow if it has an adequate source. Once there’s a chance that mold could take root in your home, immediate action must be taken to minimize its spread and repair damage already done. The key to restoring your home and protecting against further damage from water is water extraction. Water removal prevents more damage from occurring after a major event like heavy rain, flooding, or frozen pipes bursting this winter so it’s critical you get professional help when you notice the signs of water damage.

What happens if you wait too long to start drying out your house?

Without immediate water damage restoration, water can do a lot more than just stain your carpet or ruin your favorite recliner. Mold grows quickly in wet environments and can spread to other areas of your house when you don't take care of it right away. The longer water stays in one place, the more potential mold has to grow. This can lead to much bigger issues down the line if mold is left unattended. Mold thrives on warm, damp air and if you live in a climate that gets colder during certain months (hello winter!), there’s always a risk that mold could develop throughout parts of your house—including behind walls—when temperatures drop overnight.

Who should perform immediate water damage restoration service?

Rather than trusting your water damage restoration to just anyone, or worse-- turning it into a DIY project, you should always have a professional and experienced water damage restoration company handle the cleanup and repairs. Not only will professionals know how to fully extract water and thoroughly eliminate any mold growth, but a restoration company will be able to work with your insurance company or provide you with the financing required to cover the cost of restoring your home to like-new condition.

How can you tell if there was serious property damage?

While some of the signs of water damage are quite obvious (the puddle of water that doesn't belong in the living room) there are a few less obvious signs that should alert you to the possibility of water in your home:

  • musty odors
  • discoloring of walls and ceilings
  • blistering wallpaper; and
  • sudden increases in utility bills

While these signs are not enough on their own to conclude serious property damage due to excess water, they should be inspected further by a professional for several reasons. First, you need someone who’s equipped to deal with water extraction and mold removal on your property. Second, even if you can see and smell no signs of mold on surfaces such as drywall or floors, it may be present underneath what’s left of them. While water damage may not always be the result of an emergency such as flooding, even leaky pipes pose the risk of serious water damage to your property.

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