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Is it possible to remove asbestos on your own – and what are the risks of doing so?

We are all likely aware of asbestos to some degree. And we may know to stay away from it. But it’s understandable to not know much beyond that.

From the mid-1800s to the 1970s, asbestos was added to thousands of products to enhance desirable properties like strength, durability, insulation, and resistance to fire and corrosion. While asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, it is still a carcinogen. That means that long-term exposure is likely to cause cancer.

Asbestos was banned in 1989 by the Environmental Protection Agency from being added to new products. However, asbestos still remains in the insulation, flooring, adhesive, and tiles of many properties constructed before the 70s and 80s. Finding asbestos in your property is a pesky and startling discovery, but being properly informed will help you take confident action.

At Frontier Services Group, we provide our clients with more than just top-notch asbestos removal services. Our specialists have answered some of the most common questions about this mineral and explained why you should always leave asbestos abatement to the professionals.

Asbestos Dangerous

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used to strengthen manmade products as far back as 4,000 years ago. In North America, asbestos use in commercial manufacturing ramped up significantly around the 1860s. It was commonly added to building materials, flame-resistant materials, gaskets, adhesives, tiles, coating, insulation, and more.

Asbestos can be identified in building materials by its fibrous, soft texture and flexibility. However, you should not investigate the suspect material on your own. We strongly advise you to not disturb the material in any way and to always wear a respirator if you must be near it. Disturbing asbestos will release microscopic fibers into the air – which irritate the lining of the lungs and cause chronic health conditions.

Why Is Asbestos So Dangerous?

As we’ve already covered, asbestos is a cancer-causing carcinogen. Long-term exposure can also lead to a wide variety of noncancerous but debilitating health conditions.

It is important to note that the presence of asbestos alone is not hazardous, but asbestos fibers are. These fibers are released into the air when asbestos material is handled or disturbed in any way. Asbestos fibers were conclusively linked to chronic health conditions in the 1960s.

There are several forms of cancer and other serious illnesses we know can be attributed to long-term asbestos exposure, including:

  • Mesothelioma - This is an aggressive type of cancer caused specifically by long-term asbestos fiber inhalation. It can take many years for symptoms to appear after the tumors have developed, which makes mesothelioma a particularly dire diagnosis.
  • Asbestosis - Heavy asbestos fiber inhalation will scar the lining of the lungs and potentially result in this chronic lung condition, which is characterized by difficulty breathing, coughing, loss of appetite, and swelling of fingers and toes.
  • Other Forms of Cancer - Ovarian cancer and laryngeal cancer are two other common forms of cancer that result from long-term asbestos exposure.

Can I Remove Asbestos On My Own?

There are no federal regulations prohibiting you from removing asbestos on your own. However, it’s not a good idea.

The money you will save by doing it yourself isn’t worth the risk to your wellbeing and the health of all the property’s regular occupants. And, in some communities, it may not be legal. Generally, asbestos removal in a commercial property must be done by an abatement professional. The rules for residential properties tend to be determined by counties, towns, and cities.

If you want to pursue removing asbestos yourself, you should always consult your local health department and building department about the necessary permits. While asbestos testing kits are available, we recommend hiring a laboratory to conduct tests on any suspect material. You should also thoroughly research how to safely and legally dispose of the asbestos once you remove it. Materials with as little as 1% asbestos cannot be left on the curb with regular trash.

When you hire a reputable company like Frontier Services Group, your contractors will handle everything from acquiring demolition permits to testing and safe removal. Abatement professionals will also ensure that the work area is properly prepared by sealing off all air ducts, HVAC units, and entry ways. Professionals will also provide a thorough final cleaning with specialized equipment.

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