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How To Prepare Your Business For the Hurricane Season

Know what to do before and after a hurricane for your business.

Unfortunately, natural disasters like hurricanes can strike anytime, wreaking havoc on your most important assets. Last year, the Atlantic hurricane season recorded its third-most active year, marking the sixth consecutive above-normal season. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center forecasters predict another above-average hurricane season this year. As this trend of severe hurricane seasons continues, business owners like you must prepare for hurricanes before they create chaos on your commercial property.

Texas residents are no strangers to hurricanes. And while protecting yourself and your family is more than likely your priority, you should also know how to prepare your business to weather the storm. So, keep reading to prepare your business for this upcoming hurricane season.

How To Prepare Your Business For the Hurricane Season

Create an Emergency Plan & Review It with Employees

An emergency hurricane preparedness plan is critical for an organization's ability to withstand the impact of a hurricane. Without one, your employees may not know what to do in the event of a storm, which may lead to an even bigger disaster. Create a comprehensive emergency disaster plan with step-by-step instructions outlining what must be done during a hurricane. After you finalize your emergency plan, share it with your employees and staff and ensure they understand it in detail.

Protect Your Commercial Property & Data

Your business contains many vital documents, supplies, and merchandise. Make sure your most-valued files and possessions are safe by taking necessary precautions to protect your commercial property during a hurricane. Follow these steps to increase your preparedness:

  • Stock up on your business's emergency supplies before a storm is in the forecast.
  • Secure windows and doors with plywood or shutters.
  • Protect all files and data stored on company computers by backing them up or using electronic cloud storage.
  • Store important paper documents in waterproof, sealed containers to prevent damage.
  • Place sandbags on the outside of any openings of your building.

Dealing With the Aftermath of a Hurricane

Once it's safe to enter your facility, proceed cautiously. While your business could appear unscathed on the outside, indoor furniture, windows, and electrical outlets may have been damaged by the storm. It's also important to document all losses and damages by taking photos and videos. You can use this evidence to make commercial hurricane damage insurance claims with your provider.

Don't Try to Fix Hurricane Damage Yourself – Frontier Services Group Can Help.

After you have prepared as well as you could and documented the damage, don't go about the hurricane damage restoration process by yourself! Frontier Services Group has over 20 years of industry experience helping Texas homeowners and business owners with storm damage restoration services. Our professionals are readily available to help with a simple phone call. We have a team of hurricane and water damage restoration experts who can promptly restore your business to its original condition. First, we'll remove any standing water that has infiltrated your property, ensuring we use best-in-class equipment and materials before mold grows and structural damage worsens. Then, we'll get to work fixing what needs to be fixed, bringing your property back to its pre-hurricane condition.

Please don't hesitate to contact Frontier Services Group professionals to discuss your hurricane damage restoration needs.