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Flooding in your home or business is most often caused by a plumbing leak, a backed-up sewer, or in some cases a horrible rain storm. Regardless of why the flooding occurs, standing water in your home can cause major damage to your property. At Frontier Services Group, our team of certified flood clean up experts provide floor restoration services throughout Houston, TX. We are available 24/7 for emergency water removal services.


Once water has made its way into your property, properly removing it is not an easy task. It’s better to call an experienced water removal company that has the equipment necessary for proper clean-up. Our restoration experts in Houston, TX have submersible utility pumps and wet vacs that are specifically built for flood clean up. Once all of the water has been removed, we’ll then assess the furniture in the home. Carpeting, pads and furniture that were submerged will most likely be removed. Drywall that was soaked will be cut out and discarded. This needs to be done to prevent mold growth. We will then begin the process of drying out your home, which can include everything from fans, dehumidifiers or an air conditioning system. At Frontier Services Group, we take this process seriously and will be monitoring the progress of drying out your home very closely.
Flood Restoration in Houston, TX


Excess moisture is the breeding ground for mold. When you’ve dealt with a flood in your home or business, mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours. It is absolutely essential that you take steps to prevent and protect your property from developing mold, which is why you should contact someone for emergency water removal services as soon as you discover flooding. Once the water has been removed, you will need to have your property dried out, ventilated and disinfected before the restoration process can begin. If this isn’t done fast enough, you may require mold remediation. At Frontier Services Group in Houston, TX, we specialize in emergency water removal


Frontier Services Group has been providing flood restoration services in Greater Houston for over twenty years. We cannot stress how important it is to call professional water removal company if flooding occurs in your home or business. Flooding can have devastating results. We can help restore your property and ensure your home or business is safe to use, once again. For experienced flood restoration services in Houston, contact Frontier Services Group at 713-364-8939. We also provide smoke & fire damage cleanup, as well as mold remediation.
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