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We provide expert mold remediation within the Greater Houston area
Mold Remediation in Houston, TX


You may not realize it, but mold may be growing in your home. The main culprit responsible for mold is moisture, but heat can also lead to the growth of mold over time. Mold may be present on your walls or hiding behind them. When you find mold in your Houston, TX home or business, you need a professional who’s trained to safely remove this inconvenience before it becomes dangerous.

The term for removing mold found inside your home or business is mold remediation. Frontier Services Group is a licensed professional, in Houston, with mold remediation expertise. It’s our job to find mold growth on your walls or areas where we suspect mold might be growing, including floors, air ducts, and HVAC units. Once we find mold, we begin remediation by drying the immediate area around the mold, which will eliminate the moisture that allows mold to thrive.


Our mold remediation experts will stop mold in its tracks by removing water from any area where mold is present. We use a wet vacuum or damp wipe to curtail moisture. Once we have completely dried surfaces like walls, floors, and air ducts, we’ll see mold beginning to disappear. We will then dispose of any damaged materials by sealing them in a plastic bag.

Frontier Services Group takes all the necessary safety precautions to protect our technicians from exposure to mold. This includes gloves, goggles, and a respirator in extreme conditions. We also throw out any clothes that come in contact with mold. Coming in contact with mold can be potentially dangerous to your health, so we leave nothing to chance. To eliminate mold safely and restore your home to its pre-damaged condition, trust the experts at Frontier Services Group in Houston, TX. Give us a call for a mold remediation estimate at 713-714-2125.

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